Photo Gallery

Putting at St Andrew's
And Jay misses another putt
Here we go again
Steve can't believe Bob hit another putt
Cheater's Cheater's everywhere
And see how focused everyone is while they are reading the break of Jay's putt
Eighteenth hole at the old course
Hats off to Mark Timm, see anybody can play this game, and on the oldest course in the world.
Eighteenth green at St Andrew's
Would you just look at the bounce in that guys step. It is a magical feeling to be walking off the eighteenth green at St Andrew's.
Finding the right Pub
Jeff, What was that song you were playing here again?
Incoming, everyone in the bunkers
The problem is once you get in them you may never get out again, but there is always the six stokes + a toss method, that seemed to work pretty good for Steve here.