Briar Leaf Men's Club Bylaws
                                                              April 2013
The name of this association shall be the Briar Leaf Men's Club.
       The purpose of the association is to probote good fellowship and sportsmanship among its members and to encourage the participation of its members in golf tournaments conducted in accordance with the rules of the United States Golf Association as modified by local rules of the course.
       All male golfers may join the Briar Leaf Men's Club.  The association sets annual dues entitling a Member to the following privileges: 
       (A)  Participation in all Men's Club scheduled events.  Events will be scheduled on weekends at Briar Leaf Golf Club, alternating Saturdays and Sunday as much as possible, throughout the golfing season.  Monthly tournaments as other local courses will also be scheduled.
       (B)  Membership in the Indiana Golf Association.
       (C)  GHIN-USGA Handicap with updated membership card.
       (D)  Preferred weekend tee times for Open Play.
       (E)  Discounted Golf and Cart Fees (associate members).
       (F)  Eligibility for special awards and prizes.
    The membership of this club shall be limited as follows:
       (A)  A full membership is difined as a person who is Eighteen (18) or older and is a member of Briar Leaf Golf Club.
       (B)  An associate membership is defined as a participating member Eighteen (18) or older who is not a member of Briar Leaf Golf Club.
Section 1
The fiscal year of this club shall be from April 1st to March 31st.
Section 2
       The dues of this club shall be as follows:
       Annual Men's Club membership dues will be reviewed and may be changed by the Board of Directors pending approval by the membership at either the Fall or Spring Meeting.  Dues will be published in the newsletter and on the Men's Club website.
Section 3
The dues of this club are payable in full by the April Annual Meeting or before the first event that you play in.
Section 4
       Members are not eligible to participate in any Men's Club Tournaments or events unless dues are paid in full.
The powers, government, and management of this club, except as otherwise provided in these bylaws, shall be vested in, exercised, conducted, and controlled by a Board of Five (5) Directors who shall be members of this club.  If a Director at any time ceases to be a member of this club, he shall thereby cease to be a Director.
Section 1
The Board of Directors will consist of Five (5) officers as elected by the members of this club at the October Annual meeting.  The officers shall be titled:  President,  Vice President,  Treasurer,  Tournament Chairman, and Secretary.  The terms of office shall be Three (3) years.
Section 2
As soon as possible after the election of the new directors, the Board will meet to establish the duties of the members for the following year.  These results will be posted in the clubhouse and reported in the newsletter.
Section 3
       The head professional and owners* of Briar Leaf Golf Club shall be invited to actively participate in a consulting capacity without privileges with the Board of Directors.
       *An exception was made and approved by the membership on April 7, 2012 to permit owner John Leinweber, a member of the Men's Club, to serve on the Board of Directors.
       A VACANCY OF AN ELECTED DIRECTOR will be filled by appointment by the President, and shall require approval of the majority of the Board of Directors.  The Vice President will automatically fill the vacancy of the President.
       Any Director of this club may be recalled by the membership at a special meeting called for that purpose following the giving of at least Five (5) days notice to all members.  No Director shall be removed from office unless for a good and just cause shown by an affirmative vote of not less than Two-Thirds (2/3) of the full members present at such meeting.
Section 1: President
       The powers and duties of the President are:
       (A)  Exercise general supervision over the business and affairs of this club.  Preside at all meetings of this club and Board of Directors.  Call all meeting as required.  Make appointments including committees and co-sign checks issued by the Treasurer, as required.
       (B)  Report the business of this club to the membership at the regular scheduled meetings.
       (C)  Assist the Tournament Chairman in the planning and running of club tournaments.
Section 2: Vice President
       The powers and duties of the Vice President are:
       (A)  In case of the absence of the President, he shall take his place and perform his duties.
       (B)  To collect all membership monies due, turning same over to the Treasurer.  Conduct the annual raffle if scheduled.  Maintain membership records that will include names, addresses, phone numbers, membership dates, and raffle ticket records.  Notify the Board of Directors of new club members.
       (C)  Chair committees as required for any social activities this club might want to enterain.
       (D)  Co-sign checks issued by the Treasurer as required.
       (E)  Assist the Tournament Chairman in the planning and running of club tournaments.
Section 3: Treasurer
       The powers and duties of the Treasurer are:
       (A)  To receive and safely keep all monies of this club and deposit it in such band as the Board of Directors may designate.
       (B)  Co-sign all checks with it least one (1) other Board Member: assure that all expenditures are made by check only.
       (C)  To keep a full and accurate account of the receipts and disbursements of this club, and to render to the Board of Directors, upon demand, a statement of accounts of the financial condition of this club.  Maintain a voucher for all indebtedness that is paid or to be paid until audited.
       (D)  Assist the Tournament Chairman in the planning and running of club tournaments.
Section 4: Secretary
       The powers and duties of the Secretary are:
       (A)  To keep a full and complete record of club meetings.  If not present, the presiding Director will appoint a secretary pro tem.
       (B)  To prepare and mail such notices as required by these bylaws and which the Board of Directors deems necessary for the notification of members.
       (C)  Co-sign checks issued as required.
       (D)  Assist the Tournament Chairman in the planning and running of club tournaments.
Section 5: Tournament Chairman
       The powers and duties of the Tournament Chairman are:
       (A)  Arrange all tournaments; determine type and frequency and prize distributions with board of Directors approval.
       (B)  Provide all operations necessary to conduct golf tournaments.  Settle all tournament disputes.  Maintain tournament records, which will include total number played, no-shows, late arrivals, receipts, and expenses, and prize distribution list.
       (C)  Co-sign checks issued by the Treasurer as required.
       These standing committees may be appointed by the President, as provided in Article Nine of these bylaws, shall be as follows, and meet when called by the responsible Director:  a Tournament Committee, Handicap Committee, Greens Committee, and a Raffle Committee.  Each committee shall consist of at least three (3) members, one (1) of which shall be a Director.
Section 1
       The tournament Committee shall assist the Tournament Chairman in all operations and conduct said events.
Section 2
       The Handicap Committee shall assist the Tournament Chairman in matters pertaining to club members' handicaps and adjustments to it.
Section 3
       The Greens Committee shall report to the Board of Directors and draw up special riles of play and/or procedures to be observed by members of this club.  This committee will cooperate with gold club management for maintenance and playing conditions of the course.  This committee shall post notices advising members of local rules and such changes as are made in them.
Section 4
       The Raffle Committee will assist the Vice President in conducting the annual raffle.  These activities will include printing tickets, distribution of same, arranfing for prizes, conducting the actual drawing and notification of the prize-winners.
Section 5
       The committee named in this article shall be subject to the supervising direction of the President and to the authority of the Board of Directors.  The committee members will be appointed for a term of twelve (12) months or until the end of the fiscal year.  No committee member, except the Chairman, shall enter into any contract involving the expenditure of money, or make any purchases except on written authorization of the Board of Directors.
Section 1
       Elections to the Board of Directors will be held during the regularly scheduled meeting during the month of October.  The term of service shall three (3) years.
Section 2
       The election shall be held at such a place as shall be designated by the Board of Directors.  At least seven (7) days notice, in writing, lf the time and place shall be fiven by the Secretary to each member.
Section 3
     Effective in October 2003, we will elect one (1) member to the Board.  Two members will be elected in 2004 and upon expiration of terms of service of the directors in subsequent years.  Members receiving the most votes will join the Board of Directors, effective November 1st.  In the case of a tie between two or more members receiving the most votes, another ballot will be issued to break the tie.  Elections shall be by ballot, with each member present entitled to one vote.
Section 4
       At least thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting, the Board of Directors, shall have appointed a nominating committee to nominate directors to be voted upon at the next annual meeting.
       The named of the persons on the nominating committee shall be posted in the clubhouse for at least thirty (30) days before the annual meeting.
       Candidates for election shall be posted in the clubhouse at least fifteen (15) days prior to the annual meeting.  Any five (5) members may nominate one or more candidates by submitting a petition to the Board of Directors fifteen (15) days before the annual meeting.  These names will also be posted along with the nominating committeee in the clubhouse.  No nominations may be made from the floor at the annual meeting.
       If any member, by his conduct, is likely to be prefudicial to the welfare, interest, repute, or character of this club, and if after a review of the case by the Board of Directors, it is found necessary to expel the member, then the matter will be brought to the attention of the membership. whereby a vote shall be taken to expel such member.
       The member may be expelled by a majority vote of those present the next regular meeting, or at a special meeting called by the Board of Directors.
Section 1
       There shall be a regular general business meeting held in October and prior to the initial spring tournament held in April, unless otherwise announced in writing by the Board of Directors.  The place and time will be designated by the Board of Directors.  The purpose of such meetings shall be for receiving officer reports and any other general business.  The general meeting held in October will be designated the  "Annual Meeting".  At the October meeting, the Directors of the past year shall make a report of the operations of their office for the previous year.
Section 2
       The order of business for the regular meetings shall be as follows:
       Presiding Director will call the meeting to order.
       Minutes of last meeting shall be read.
       Reports by the Directors
       Old Business
       New Business
Section 3
       Special meetings may be called by order of the President, and the President must call a special meeting upon the request of the other four (4) directors.  At least five (5) days before any special meeting, written notice thereof, specifying the time, place, and purpose of the meeting shall be given to each member by the Secretary.
Section 4
       At all meeting, fifteen (15) members shall constitute a quorum for the transactions of business, but a smaller number than fifteen (15) may continue any meeting util a quorum shall be present, and until the business in accomplished.
Section 5
       The meetings of the Board of Directors shall be at such time and place as the President shall determine.  Four Directors shall be present to transact business.
Section 1
       Eligibility for Men's Club Tournaments requires that each member have a USGA handicap maintained at Briar Leaf Golf Club.  Exceptions to this policy may be members that have not established a handicap.  The tournament chairman will assign a handicap with the Board of Directors approval.
       All members participating in a Mean's club tournament must turn in a signed scorecard.
Section 2
       All play shall be in accordance with USGA rules, except as modified by Local Rules.  All tournaments scheduled will be in accordance with the "Approved Games List".  Games may be added or deleted from the list by a majority vote of the membership.
Section 3
       Prizes awarded for tournament paly shall be in the form of trophies, cash, or Briar Leaf Bucks.  Briar Leaf Bucks are good for the face value in the Briar Leaf Pro Shop.
Section 4
Tournament and Tee Time Procedures
       These are outlined to facilitate ease of running the tournaments and to work with the Briar Leaf Golf Club to effectively plan weekend tee time availability.
       A.  Sign up/ Call in sheets will be posted at Briar Leaf seven days prior to the paly date.  Sheets will come down Friday at 5 pm for a Saturday event, Saturday at 12:00 noon for a Sunday event and tee times will be allotted at that time. Alternates may be accepted after this time to fill out teams in the event there are cancellations or no shows.
       B.  On Open Play dates members may reserve a tee time for himself and three players, if his group is established,  Members without groups may sign up and foursomes will be made at the time of play.  Alternates be accepted to fill out foursomes.
       C.  For Tournament Play each membe must sign up or call in his own entry.  The Tournament Committee will pair all entreis.  No-shows who have not cancelled prior to Friday at 5 pm for a Saturday event, Saturday at 12:00 noon for a Sunday event will be assessed a $5.00 fine, which must be paid before being accepted to play in future Men's Club  tournaments.  No reason or excuse, short of death, will be accepted to exempt a member from the no show fine.
       D.  Sign-up sheets for the following week will be posted on the bulletin board and on the Men's Club website one week prior to the next week's event.  It will remain there until Friday at 5 pm for a Saturday event, Saturday at 12:00 noon for a Sunday event to allow member to sign up for tee times for either open play or tournament slots.  Those who have signed up but find they are unable to play are required to erase their name from the signup sheet or call off prior to the no-show deadline.
       E.  Men's Club Tournaments and Open play score cards, should be added, totaled, and signed by the scorer, before submitting for posting on the score sheets.  Those not signed and attested will be grounds for disqualification.  The team captians (low handicap in the foursome) are responsible for accurately recording scores and turning in the scorecards to the Tournament Director.  To insure accuracy, it is recommenned that a second scorecard be kept.
       F.  Tournament Play fees are Twenty dollars ($20.00) per event and will be paid at the pro shop when checking in.  Fifteen dollars ($15.00) are for the event and five dollars ($5.00) are for skins or other announced activity.
       G.  Open Play has an optional Ten dollar ($10.00) game of the week.
       H.  If a "Blind" is required to fill out a team, the "blind" will be selected from the highest handicap pool of players be random draw.  If more than one blind is required, a different player will be drawn for each team requiring the blinds.  In all events, except scrambles, the score of the selected "blind" will be utilized to complete the team score.  In a scramble event, the teams with a "blind" will be allowed an extra putt from one of its members on each hole.  The team member taking the extra putt must be rotated in a predetermined schedule on each hole whether the putt is required or not.  Note:  The person designated as the "blind" can only qualify for awards with his assigned team.
       I.  In the event two or more teams or individual teams are tied at the conclusion of play, ties will be broken by "backing up" from the front nine net team or individual score.  If a tie still exists the number one handicap hole and subsequent handicap holes will be used until all winning places are determined.
       J.  All tournament and skin fees collected will be returned to the participants.  The "prize" fund will be distributed in accordance with the Men's Club Payout Schedules based on the number of entries.
       K.  Individual Event Payout Schedule will be based on the number of entries.  All entries will be place in one of four flights according to handicaps and compete for prize money within the flight.  Skins will also be calculated within the flight.  An individual may qualify for only on prize in each flight.
       L.  Im case play is suspended due to weathe conditions can play is not allowed to continue and all teams have not completed a minimum of nine holes, the event will be cancelled and all prize monies will be returned.  If all teams have competed the minimum nine holes, the event results will be determined based on the last hole completed by all teams.
       M.  Major events, such as the Men's Club Championship, require that contestants will have participated in Twenty Five Percent (25%) or more of the Men's Club Events preceding this event.  Exceptions must be approved by the Board of Directors.
       N.  The Men's Club will maintain a "Hole in One Club".  Participation is optional.  Members will pay five ($5.00) to join.  If a member of the "Hole in One Club" makes an ace during a Men's Club or open play scheduled event he wins the pot and the club is dissolved.  A new club will be started by contributing $5.00 to join.
       O.  Those members who are a minimum of 65 years old may play from the gold tees.  Once a player plays from the gold tees they must remain there for the remainder of the season regardless of their handicap.  Their new handicap will be based on the gold tee slope.
       P.  Those members age 75 with a handicap of 25 may play from the green tees with the same restrictions as the gold tee players.
       The Briar Leaf Club Championship will be conducted on the foolowing basis until changed by a majority vote of the General Membership to alter said format.
       A.  Members must participate in twenty-five percent (25%) or more of the regularly scheduled events prior to the tourney to be eligible for  the Club Championship.
       B.  Members will be assigned to one of four (4) flights based on handicap index.
       C.  All flights will play from the "Silver Tees".  Those meeting the Gold Tee rule will play from the gold tees.  Those meeting the Green Tee rule will play from the green tees.
       D.  The Club Championship will be a fifty-four (54) hole event played over the course three (3) days.
       E.  The entry fee will be fifty dollars ($50.00) to be paid prior to the first round of play.  The Men's Club will contribute ten dollars ($10.00) per man to the prize monies.
       F.  Prize Money will be paid out at the conclusion of the event based on the payout schedule for a regular scheduled Individual Event.
       G.  In case of a tie for the Flight winner a sudden death playoff will be held, beginning at the first hole and going until a winner is determined.
       These bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed, or new bylaws may be adopted at the October Annual Meeting, or any special meeting called by the President for that purpose, by an affirmative (not ballot) vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the full membership present.